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Sarah Bouhadoun 

Program Co-Founder 

Medical student - McGill University

Sarah is a third year medical student at McGill University. She went to high school at College Sainte-Marcelline, and pursued her post-secondary education at College Bois-de-Boulogne. She initially discovered the field of neurosciences when she participated to a Neurosciences competition organised by the Montreal Neurological Institute, which uncovered her true passion for the field of Neurology. She later had the opportunity to represent the province of Quebec at the National level, and this event initiated her to the mysterious yet iconic journey that is the study of the human brain.

Beyond her interest in the fields of medical education and public health, Sarah is also active in several research projects, primarily in the areas of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and neonatal strokes. But despite her multiple occupations, she remains particularly dedicated to the education of at risk population, and more broadly, the field of preventative medicine. She greatly appreciates the contact with patients and their families and the cohesion and reciprocal respect and trust that can result from the alliance between a patient and a healthcare professional.

This is precisely what she aspires to offer by this initiative: a better access to knowledge, awareness to important medical issues and above all, opportunities to  open up dialogues and exchanges that matter most, the ones initiated by you.

Anne Bouthillier

Program Co-Founder 

Medical student - McGill University

Anne is a third-year medical student at McGill. She completed her high school studies at Collège Notre-Dame followed by her CEGEP studies at Collège André-Grasset. Anne discovered an interest in Ophthalmology research by chance when she received a research scholarship at the beginning of her medical studies. Eyes offering an unparalleled insight into the general health of the brain, Ophthalmology was for Anne her first point of contact with the neurological system of the human body and its complexity. She has since been fascinated by the nervous system, an interest that has led her to do clinical rotations in neurosurgery, neurology and geriatrics.  She is currently pursuing her research in Ophthalmology at the MUHC and working on a research project in Neurosurgery at the Montreal Neurological Hospital.


In her journey, Anne has also been fortunate to have a privileged relationship with individuals living with various cognitive and neurological disorders, as well as with their families. It is these deep discussions and this unique contact that led Anne to discover an interest in prevention and education. The project Stroke Aware meets Anne's desire to get involved in the health of her community and to take on a proactive role in terms of prevention.

Anne is convinced that a democratization of medical knowledge requires an inclusive, participatory and prevention-centred approach.


Ariana Szilagy

VP Communication

Medical student - McGill University


Ariana is a first-year medical student at McGill. She completed her high school at Collège Notre-Dame and her CEGEP at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. Driven by her passion for biology and the understanding of the brain functionality, Ariana completed an undergraduate in Neurosciences at Université de Montréal before entering medical school.

During her studies, she had the opportunity to do research for the purpose of expanding medical knowledge at the Montreal Neurological Institute, where she worked in the field of brain damage prevention and oncology. It was then when she discovered her passion for aiding in the development of scientific knowledge and the desire in advocating for health. Therefore, she decided to further exploit her interest in promoting human health by getting into medical school, with the purpose of one day becoming a physician and helping the community. The ongoing journey towards achieving her goal has given her the privilege to build strong relationships with members of the community by working with both the young and the elderly, which is very empowering and life enriching experience.


Every now and then, Ariana helps the community by contributing in volunteer work, leading her to be part of the proactive group that is Stroke Aware. She believes that through education, we can one day resolve the lack of exposition to medical education in our society by preparing the population to respond properly to life threatening emergencies with the aim of preventing disease.

Maude Crevier

VP Events

Medical student - McGill University

Maude is a first-year medical student at McGill University. She had previously completed her high school degree at Collège Saint-Sacrement in Terrebonne and her CEGEP at Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne. Still at the very beginning of her studies, Maude is very curious about the whole medical field. The complexity and the mystery of the nervous system particularly interest her and she thus wants to find out more about it. That is why she is implicated in the management team of the Student Neurology Symposium 2020 and that she cherishes her position at Stroke Aware. In order to fulfill her curiosity, Maude is also part of the executive team of numerous committees at her university such as the emergency medicine interest group. She also did some research in urology.


By being part of this initiative, Maude hopes to help the public understand their own health and take control of it. She is a true advocate of prevention of diseases and hopes that her interventions will help raise awareness regarding the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

In order to do this, she wishes to initiate a noncritical dialogue aiming to promote open communication, a sense of companionship and, obviously, the pleasure of learning!


Carol-Ann Bédard-Plante

VP Marketing

Medical student - McGill University


Carol-Ann is a first-year medical student at McGill University who graduated in 2019 from the bachelor in Neuroscience at University of Montreal. It goes without saying that she has a marked interest in the human brain. To date, Carol-Ann has led a research project on sleep and brain damage following a head trauma at the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine (CARMS), in addition to being involved in several projects dealing with human stress at the Center for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS).


As VP Marketing, Carol-Ann is the organization’s social media manager. Beyond this administrative role, Carol-Ann is involved in Stroke Aware to actively participate in prevention by conducting workshops offered to the public. She believes that it is through prevention that we reduce adverse events and ultimately, we save lives. What motivates her above all, is to participate in knowledge dissemination to raise awareness among the general population.    

Noémie Maynard

Program Co-Founder 

Medical student - McGill University

Noémie will be VP Finance for Stroke Aware. Noémie is a second-year medical student at McGill University. Early on, Neurology and Internal Medicine piqued her interest and she got involved with various clubs and organizations that allowed her to learn more, she is very excited at the idea of starting her clinical rotations in these fields. Noémie is also passionate about preventative medicine and notably participated in a project that aimed to promote physical activity for cardiac health. She wanted to get involved with this initiative in order to promote autonomy and empowerment in those at risk of stroke and those around them. Her personal experience with loved ones who suffered a stroke also prompted her to participate in such an initiative in her community.


Arthega Selvarajan

Program Co-Founder 

Medical student - McGill University


Arthega is a first-year medical student at McGill University. She graduated from Sacred Heart School of Montreal and completed her secondary education at Marianopolis College. With her admittance to medical school, she was made aware that the general population deserved a clearer understanding of a myriad of topics. Topics such as neurodiversity, an ideology that every individual has a uniquely wired mind, and thus there exists a diversity of brains on a vast spectrum of neurological differences. To bridge this gap of knowledge, she founded and currently leads MSS Diverging Minds as Co-President to raise awareness about neurodiversity within the student population, through presentations at high schools and CEGEPs. Through her work in Diverging Minds, she was exposed to the complex yet fascinating aspects of the brain and sought to learn more.


During her path of learning, she was made aware of the lack of clinical training given to medical students with respect to neurodivergent patients. Hence, she developed and currently co-leads the Medical Intervention in a NeuroDiverse Society (MINDS) Taskforce dedicated to building workshops for medical students to adopt a more patient-centered practice with neurodivergent individuals. This initiative further developed Arthega’s interest in medical education geared towards aspects of neurology.


Devastatingly, early on in her medical journey, one of her family members passed away due to a stroke. Having gone through that sudden traumatic event, she was motivated to raise awareness of the complexities of stroke. Thus, the project Stroke Aware met Arthega’s need to equip both herself and the general population with the knowledge of stroke prevention, identification and treatment.


Arthega hopes that through Stroke Aware, she will have the privilege to sensitize the population to stroke and proactively aid in stroke prevention.

Sarah Amirali

VP Rehabilitation

Medical student - McGill University

Sarah is a first-year medical student at McGill University. She graduated with a degree in Health Science at Vanier College and with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physiotherapy at McGill University. Sarah has been captivated with the realm of neuroscience since completing numerous courses in Neurophysiology and Neuroanatomy. Her fascination and curiosity of the brain’s intricacies have since matured. Sarah later completed her master’s research project with the BRaIN program at the MUHC where she operated a brain-computer interface that coupled the power of technology with the power of the human brain. 


Sarah has also assisted stroke and TBI patients at the MGH recover through rehabilitation. These experiences taught her the importance of stroke prevention and taking prompt measures. Stroke Aware is the perfect opportunity for her to educate others and raise awareness regarding stroke to the general population.